2018/01/06We are starting designing a corporate space over 3,000 SF. [NEW!]
2017/11/23The NY first hi-end barber shop is opening now. [NEW!]
2017/10/10We completed the bar section.
2017/08/01We complete an industrial design style restaurant.
2017/07/17The Japanese Restaurant Opened in Midtown.
2017/06/13We Designed and Built a Hi-end Sushi Restaurant.
2017/05/25Design and Build Industrial Style Interior
2017/05/05Renovate Store Front
2017/04/11We Design and Build Food Court
2017/03/16We Design and Build IT Company
2017/03/03We Design and Build Hair Salon
2017/02/01We Design and Build Hair Salon
2017/01/15We Construction. Japan Printing Company
2017/01/06Design and Build office
2016/12/19Japanese Printing Company Design
2016/11/30Secret Entrance Design
2016/11/07Private Kitchen Design
2016/10/14Japanese Barber Shop Design
2016/09/18Japanese Grocery Store Expanding to NY Design
2016/08/31Barber Interior Design in Japan
2016/08/07Fusion Japanese Restaurant Design
2016/07/03Midtown West BBQ Restaurant Design
2016/06/01Designed for Japanese Restaurant.
2016/04/29Our CEO appears in a magazine.
2016/03/15We did full renovation of living room and kitchen at the condominium building.
2016/02/04We design and built an “Eye Glass” store.
2016/01/01Happy New Year 2016
2015/12/02Design and Build Penthouse Master Bed Room
2015/10/15Visual Merchandising Renovation was completed.
2015/09/22Japanese Restaurant is opened in Midtown West
2015/08/07Office Renovation was completed.
2015/07/21We design and build the restaurant.
2015/06/17We design the exhibition space.
2015/05/04We designed and built the office pantry renovation.
2015/04/15Design and Build Penthouse Living Room
2015/03/27Coordinated Exhibition Design
2015/02/17Designed and Built Bar
2015/01/20New Business Alliance
2015/01/01Happy New Year 2015
2014/12/22Designed and Built Display Units in Retail Stores.
2014/11/19Designed Façade for Japanese Restaurant.
2014/10/16Japanese Restaurant is opened in Midtown
2014/09/20Showroom is opened in Soho
2014/08/13New Japanese Restaurant is renewed in Midtown.
2014/08/07We designed Residence for Well-Known Designer
2014/08/01New Style Japanese Restaurant is opening in Midtown.
2014/07/16Japanese Restaurant is opening in Midtown West
2014/07/01Showroom is opening in Soho
2014/06/20Japanese Restaurant is opening in Midtown
2014/06/09Japanese Restaurant Bar Design
2014/05/06Our CEO appears in a magazine.
2014/04/21Restaurant Designed
2014/04/07CEO appears in a magazine.
2014/03/07Japanese Restaurant is opening in Midtown
2014/02/05Residential Designed
2014/01/15Our CEO appears in a magazine.
2013/12/02Sushi Counter Design Release
2013/11/05Large store opened in Tribeca.
2013/10/05Corporate Design at lower east, Manhattan
2013/09/02Modern Classic Style Residence
2013/08/07Modern Design Restaurant Comming soon!
2013/07/01Modern Design Office Comming soon!
2013/06/12Organic Design Restaurant just Open
2013/01/01Notice about new NYC DOB Filing Information
2013/01/01Wine and Expresso Bar is opening in Central Park West
2013/01/01Deli Cafe is opening in Midtown West
2012/10/01Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Business Cetified Office
2012/09/07New Store Open in Midtown
2012/07/15New Store Open in Midtown