There are many time consuming difficult regulations in New York.

National Alliance provides our service with most time sensitive

and responsible business manners. We provide best price and service,

Japanese design quality and Japanese customer service as a NY local company.

Now US clients choose us for our unique service. Please feel

free to contact to us for our free consultation service.


■ Food Related Interiors

National Alliance provides various

type of Food Related

spaces such as Restaurants,

Bar, Cafe, Bakery, Stylish

■ Beauty Related Interiors

Hair Salon, Nail and Facial

Spa are our favorite Beauty

Related Interiors to design.

NationalAlliance also provides

renovation and layout design for

office, Retail Store, clinic.

National Alliance provides Retail Store Construction Service.

We enable to serve from planning to sign off, from beginning to end,all in Japanese and English.

Please contact to us in your preferred language.

Construction Management

You may have unexpected problems or delay during

construction outside of Japan. Our reliable Japanese

team manages construction efficiently while you are

not in New York. NationalAlliance communicates with

our clients on a regular basis in Japanese.

Architectural and Various Filings

One of the most critical fact is filing in New York.

It often causes delay during construction.

National Alliance enables to provide most

efficient filing service and solution through our

experienced own team.

Commercial Kitchen Planning and Repair

National Alliance provides quick solution to our

client, restaurant owners, on planning,

equipments purchasing, various repairs related

to plumbing, electrical and HVAC problems.

Furniture Repair

National Alliance repairs your furniture starting

from $39. We create custom-made furniture.

Dear Clients: National Alliance supports your selected designer.

National Alliance supports designers or architects selected by our client.

We makes your project more efficiently as NY representative corporating

with your design team in Japan. Please feel free to contact to us.

National Alliance supports designers and agents.

Have you had difficult experience at construction site abroad in past?

National Alliance supports designers who work on projects in New York.

Please feel free to contact to us for our support service such as site visit

measurement and drawings in Japanese measurement converted from US measurement.

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